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Abeille Carriere

Abeille Carrière plays the leading role in the field of mining: it operates two granite quarries on the northern highway M'BRAGO located at Kilometer 38 just after the toll and BAGO at kilometer 44, producing high quality products and sufficient quantity for any type of work in the short and long term.

Our mission is to offer a wide range of products (sand, gravel, crush, moellon...) of quality and exceptional service to our customers, due to a competent and experienced team, with respect for the environment and the community.Abeille Carriere realised his services from it's own quaries and also on the customer's side with mobil crusher equipment


Environment and safety are two words that are the focus of attention at ABEILLE GROUPE. The exploitation of a quarry is an industrial activity whose environmental impacts are known and taken into account. Beyond the legal obligations,for a management of its quarries at the best level, Abeille Carrière follows the evolution of its sites in order to improve the conditions of exploitations and to reduce the nuisances.

Thus, effective preventive measures have already been set:

  • Planting and maintenance of protection hedges
  • Stock watering and cleaning of access roads
  • The coating of the machine runway
  • Recovery and treatment of water
  • Improvement of operating methods and shooting techniques
  • Measurements and controls of noise, dust, vibrations